We believe that all children, regardless of ability or background, are entitled to have the opportunity to grow and learn in a happy secure environment. We strive to promote opportunities that foster positive emotional, social, cognitive, and physical growth, in an environment that values inclusivity, multiculturalism, interdependence and dignity.


We believe that the families of the children in our care are entitled to be involved, in a meaningful way, in their child's experiences while attending St. Alban's daycare. We believe that these families deserve the assurance of quality care for their child while they are involved in work commitments, educational and or personal fulfillments or while child care is a part of a care plan for the family.


We believe that our teaching staff are entitled to a working environment, which recognizes and respects their training skills and commitment to quality childcare. This is demonstrated through respectful communication and personnel policies.


We at St. Albans are dedicated to enhancing the lives of our children, their families and our community by providing a caring, supportive and vital community service.

Our Daycare Philosophy